alan reid

These amazons might be cold, their adornments geometric, their existences defined by style, but there is a quiet crisis, a longing embedded under all those hard lines for something human and relatable. These complex, indefinable portraits reach out their arms to implicate the viewer. They are purposefully ambiguous, foils for the viewer’s own ideas about the intersection between art, fashion and beauty, desire and delicious frustration.

Suffused with the aura of Serge Gainsbourg, Helmut Newton, Fellini, Godard, Antonioni, Klossowski, Ian Flemming, Michael Caine – these images put male libido at the wheel, and under examination. Reid simultaneously fleshes-out and attacks this driving force, setting desire up for a pratfall.

These paintings undermine the idea of weight as a metaphor for seriousness. The exhibition’s title, “Heiresses on Terraces,” implies as much – the words heiress and terrace both pun on being in the air. Reid suggests that lightness can not only convey us towards more reflective, weighty conversation, but also, that lightness can assuage the weight of seriousness and its myriad anxieties.



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