paul sietsema

still from "figure 3," 2008

another still from "figure 3"

also from "figure 3"

For Figure 3 (2008), Sietsema takes as his inspiration the precolonial ethnographic objects found in various locations—including Africa, Indo-Asia, and the South Pacific region of Oceania—that he has collected since 2001. He reimagines these objects through his own drawings and sculptures, then captures the sculptures on 16mm film; the results are flickering, mostly black-and-white moving images that slip between abstract and figurative representation.  (MoMA)

“In a similar way, film, I began to think, adds another layer to an object and to our encounter with it. There is the object and then the representation of the object, and I would try to create a third category, where what you encounter is not simply either material or image but somehow both.”

more here.


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