Anthony Auerbach

Anthony Auerbach, artist and researcher.

Here is one of his pieces:

Planet, aerial survey, 442 photographs, assembled and mounted in 4 sections, each 1565 x 1525 mm, 2001. The carpet in the artist’s studio recorded according to the methods of aerial photography used in military reconnaissance, cartographic-, geological- and archaeological surveys.

Research topics include Drawing, Theory, Cartography and the “Structural Constellations” series by Josef Albers.

Josef Albers - Structural Constellation, c. 1950–60, drawing, photograph mounted as transparency.

Ludwig Wittgenstein: Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (1921).

Karl Friedrich Schinkel: The Invention of the Art of Drawing, 1830 (Von der Heydt-Museum,Wuppertal). The architect Schinkel's version of the legend of the origin of drawing demonstrates orthographic projection by sunlight, instead of the traditional central projection exhibited by the lamplight. Schinkel also inverts the gender of the protagonists.


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